Our locations

Zolved Ltd operates from Cyprus, an EU member state, and a well-established Financial Hub in the Eastern Hemispehere for Financial Services Ideas entering the European Regulatory Arena.
Cyprus is a well-established European Financial Centre in the Eastern corner of the Mediterranean, connecting Europe to high-growth markets in the Middle East, Asia, and the wider region. The country enjoys a robust and transparent legal system an attractive tax regime, and offers companies easy access to a highly qualified and multilingual talent pool.

As a European Union Member State, Cyprus benefits from harmonising EU financial services regulations, offering high-quality, cost-effective solutions to the financial services, shipping and the fintech sectors.

Zolved Ltd in Cyprus is backed by a team of expert practitioners who have realized the licensing and provided regulatory consultancy in Risk, AML, Compliance, Governance, and Complex regulatory procedural matters to numerous sophisticated regulatory structures and multi-sectoral businesses for over two decades.
Zolved Sarl Operates from Luxembourg, a well established financial hub in the Western Hemisphere, acclaimed for its transparent legal system, and extensive financial expertise, serving sophisticated international clientele for decades.
Luxembourg’s financial sector offers a diverse range of financial services connecting investors and markets worldwide. It is often called the home of the global fund industry and private banking. Its stability, innovative mindset, and ranking on the highest percentile in most world statistical indicators make it a jurisdiction of choice for established enterprise ideas.

Zolved Sarl in Luxembourg operates as a management consultancy firm led by a solid team of multi-disciplinary experts with decades of practical decision making experience.

Zolved Sarl and its team exclusively service their parent holding, its subsidiaries, and connected portfolio of companies.